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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning & Spring Cleaning Service

Imagine your home with no hidden grimes, dirts, and spotlesly cleaned from top to bottom. Now imagine professional cleaners giving high standard deep cleaning service to your living space at an affordable rate. Sounds like a relief to your busy schedule ? Aloe Vera Cleaning professional deep cleaners are here to take all the burderns from your shoulder and deliver you throughly cleaned property.

To make it more vivid, deep cleaning is different than regular cleaning. It is needed to maintain the overall condition of the home. The dirts, grimes and dusts get build up inside your home in places you don't see, therfore it is essential for you to do deep cleanup or spring cleaning of your home every once in a while. If you are avoiding deep cleaning of your home due to busy schedule or if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy spring and deep cleaners to help you thoroughly clean your home, look no further. We are here to provide professional cleaning service for you. Spring Cleaning can be done any time of the year. Aloe Vera Cleaners can give you the best deep cleaning service at a competitive rate. We help you cover the large area for cleaning: areas that are not covered by regular cleaning and help you remove all the hidden deep grime and dirt from your home.

Our professional spring cleaners will help you clean :

Front door: Interior & Exterior

  • Entrance Hall: Decoration, Lighting, Windows, Floor, Ceiling
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen: Appliances(Microwave, Oven etc.)

Our deep cleaning / spring cleaning package includes :

  • Removing dusts and cobwebs
  • Clean and vaccum air vents
  • Clean windows, furnitures, doors, mirrors, stairs
  • Clean walls, switches, skirting boards
  • Wipe fixtures & fittings
  • Clean cupboard & drawers
  • Clean front door , porch, backyard
  • Scrub & clean all areas
  • Vaccum & Mop Floors etc

We request you to contact Aloe Vera Cleaning for more detailed deep cleaning & spring cleaning information. See you soon !!