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Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services

Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services :

Our Carpet cleaning package offers removal of stubborn stains, pet hair, pollen, dust, and other dirt that needs more than just vacuuming.The total time required for the carpet cleaning service will depend on the size of the rooms and as per service requirements. However, before we begin any of the procedures, we take a sufficient amount of time in understanding your needs and expectations so that your satisfaction is not only met but surpassed. As per your request, the carpet cleaning services can be carried out on a Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly basis and also can be tailored to your requirements. However, be mindful of the prices as they may vary depending on the required level of services.

Rug and carpet cleaning process :

Firstly, we conduct a steam clean which involves a pre-vacuum cleaning of carpeted areas. 
A hot water rinse removes even the strongest of odors and toughest of dirt and grime from the carpet fibers.
This process is followed by a deep steam clean and the application of certified and effectively formulated carpet cleaning solution that helps break down dirt and kill germs.
After this, the extraction of the excess moisture is conducted to help the carpet dry quicker and a deodorizer is applied. Lastly, in order to lift the piles of the carpet and restore its appearance, the carpet is groomed well

Our Professional carpet cleaners will help you  :

  • Remove the carpet stains
  • Remove bacteria and allergians from carpet surface
  • Extend the life of carpet
  • Enhance the look of your room