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Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning and Restoration Services :

We have the expertise you seek to maintain your floors in prime condition.From normal cleaning to scrubbing, resealing, stripping and buffing, Aloe Vera Cleaning can provide you customized service to ensure your floors are restored and protected.

Strip & Seal - Vinyl floor cleaning :

Stripping and sealing is done to remove of the old sealer and apply several new layer of coats to the floor. The purpose  is to safeguard the floor against damage & scratches and give it a fine finish. If you are looking for Vinyl Floor Cleaning Service, Look no further! Our professional cleaners are here clean hard floors, restore them and give your floor the prime finish.

Vinyl Stripping and Sealing process :

  • Our technicians will inspect your floors before performing any cleaning
  • Area will be prepared to perform the cleaning process
  • Our cleaners will vaccum and remove all the soil from the surface
  • The stripper solution is applied to the floor
  • Scrubbing is done to remove the old layer - Polishing is done
  • The surface is then neutralized, cleaned and dried
  • Our professional cleaners apply high quality sealer to the surface

Tile and Grout Cleaning :

Tiles and hard floor cleaning through hands is not an easy job, it requires trememdous effort, is uncomfortable and also deep cleaning cannot be achieved through bare hands. Regular cleaning and mopping cannot clear all the hidden dirts within grount lines. Also grount is a porous material and it collects grimes and dirts within them. This is why you need professional tile and grout cleaning service to add luster to your hard floor and remove all the hidden grimes from the grount surface.

Marble Cleaning and Restoration :

Our professional cleaners provides cleaning and sealing solutions for marble and hard surface. We will help you bring your marble back to its prime condition. If your floor is fading from damage, dirt or scratches from exposure to the elements, it is time to restore your surface to its prime level. Remember all stone needs some type of maintenance and care. Aloe Vera Cleaning understands marble, all the hard surrface and we provide the best care and solutions your surfaces deserve.