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  • 18 Nov, 2020

Follow the steps below in the order they are given to clean your house and disinfect it. It is recommended that you do this at least once a week.

Clear the clutter

Before doing any cleaning, it is very important to clear the clutter in the house. Start by organizing the closet. Clear all toys form the floor. Pick up any clothes and/or books from the floor. Take all the dishes to the kitchen and put them in the sink. Organize your pantry. Throw away all the unwanted boxes and other items. Check the ‘use-by-date’ of all the food products and throw away the expired ones.

Wipe counter tops, tables, glass and mirrors

Before cleaning the floor, dust and wipe all counter tops, mirrors and glass. It is counter intuitive to clean the floor and have the dust and food crumbs fall on the floor while dusting and wiping the counter tops.

Disinfect contact surfaces

After dusting and wiping all tables and counter tops, use environmentally safe disinfectant to clean them. After cleaning anything, the last thing you want to do is use toxic chemicals to wipe them and make them unsafe again.

Clean kitchen (stove tops, vent) and sanitize kitchen counter tops

Again, just like cleaning anywhere in the house, it is important to start at the top. Dust and wipe the kitchen cabinets and counter tops.  Clean the exhaust and stove top. Clean the microwave inside and out. Wipe the fridge exterior. Throw away all the unwanted and expired food products. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the inside of the fridge.  Then, clean the dishes and wipe the sink. Throw away the rubbish.

Clean toilets

Sanitation is the key while cleaning the toilets. But first, scrub out all the stains from the toilet bowl, sink and bathtub. Use good products to remove soap-scum, grime and mold from the shower area. Use effective sanitizers to wipe down the tiles, sink area, toilet bowl, and the bathtub.   

Vacuum and mop

Now that everything is cleaned and sanitized, vacuum and sweep the floor. Then use a deodorizing floor cleaner to mop the floor.